WhatsApp Channels How to Use This New Feature

WhatsApp Channel: Now, you can follow Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, and the Indian Cricket Team on WhatsApp through the new channel feature.

WhatsApp Channels
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This feature WhatsApp Channels allows you to receive updates and messages from these celebrities and teams directly on WhatsApp, keeping you informed about their latest news and activities.

WhatsApp Channels Update: Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced the WhatsApp Channels feature. This feature has been rolled out in more than 150 countries, including India. The popular messaging app has introduced the new Channels feature as a one-way broadcasting tool. With this new tool, users can send messages to multiple users simultaneously. Zuckerberg shared the launch of this feature on his WhatsApp channel.

With WhatsApp’s latest feature, users can receive updates from people and organizations they want to follow directly within the app. WhatsApp Channels will have a new tab in the app, separate from your family, friends, and communities tab.

WhatsApp Channels: The Most Private Broadcast Service

According to WhatsApp, the new Channels feature will be globally rolled out in the coming weeks. Users can automatically filter channels based on their country, name, and category preferences. Additionally, you can also view the number of followers, the most active channels, and new channels.

According to WhatsApp, WhatsApp Channels have been designed as the most private broadcast service. As a follower of a channel, your phone number and profile photo will not be visible to the admin or other followers. When you follow a channel, your phone number will not be visible to the admin. Whether you want to follow someone or not will be entirely up to you. Additionally, the channel history will be saved for 30 days.

Whats App Channels

WhatsApp users can also react to updates with emojis and count the total reactions received on an update. However, the reactions given by one user will not be visible to other followers. You can also forward updates from WhatsApp Channels to a group or chat with a link back. If you wish to stop following a channel, you can easily mute and unsubscribe at any time.

You have the option to create a new channel with your existing or new WhatsApp account if you wish. You can edit updates on your channel for up to 30 days. It’s worth mentioning that after 30 days, these updates will be automatically deleted from WhatsApp’s servers.

How to use WhatsApp Channels:

  1. First, make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your device from Google Play Store or the App Store
  2. Open WhatsApp.
  3. Tap on the ‘Updates’ tab at the bottom of the screen.
  4. you will see a list of channels
  5. follow channels of your choice.
  6. To follow a channel, tap on the ‘+’ button next to the channel’s name
  7. You can also tap on the channel’s name to view its profile and details

To react to an update on a channel:

Press and hold the message to give a reaction


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