World Athletics Championships: 4×400 India creates history

Landmark Achievement for India: Men’s Relay Team Progresses to World Athletics Championships 4×400 Meters Final, Setting New Asian Record.

World Athletics Championships

World Athletics Championships: India’s men’s team has reached the final of the 4×400 meters relay race in the quadruple 400 meters relay competition. The Indian quartet consisting of Muhammed Anas Yahya, Amoj Jacob, Muhammed Ajmal V.V., and Rajesh Ramesh achieved this memorable success. In this competition, Indian athletes have broken the Asian record.

In the World Athletics Championships currently underway in Budapest, Hungary, Indian athletes have showcased a historic performance. The Indian men’s team has qualified for the final of the quadruple 400 meters relay race in this championship. The Indian team has secured a place in the final of this event for the first time.

Muhammad Anas Yahiya, Amoj Jacob, Muhammad Ajmal V.V., and Rajesh Ramesh of the Indian relay team achieved this memorable success. The Indian men’s team shattered the Asian record in the quadruple 400 meters relay race with a time of 2 minutes 59.05 seconds. The previous record was held by Japanese athletes (2 minutes 59.51 seconds). Indian team.

World Athletics Championships: India was placed in Heat 1 against the United States, which secured the top position and qualified for the final. The American athletes completed the race in 2 minutes 58.47 seconds. India stayed ahead in the race against teams like Great Britain and Botswana, showcasing an impressive performance. From Heat 2, Jamaica (2:59:82 seconds) and France (3:00:05 seconds).

World Athletics Championships: The starting point for India was Muhammad Anas Yahiya, positioned in sixth place after the initial leg. Then, Amoj Jacob’s splendid running propelled India to the second position. Later, Muhammad Ajmal V.V. and Rajesh Ramesh maintained that invaluable lead. In the anchor leg, Rajesh even momentarily overtook the USA’s Justin Robinson, leaving the fans in the stadium amazed.


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