World Cup 2023: Holding World Cup trophy in his hand

World Cup 2023: Holding the World Cup trophy in his hand, Rohit Sharma roared with joy and said, “We have done it again after 12 years”

World Cup 2023: Holding the World Cup trophy in his hand
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World Cup 2023: World Cup 2023: ODI World Cup 2023: The commencement of the 2023 One-Day International World Cup will be on October 5. On October 8, Team India will kick off its campaign by playing against Australia in their first match

ICC ODI World Cup 2023, Rohit Sharma: Indian captain Rohit Sharma is confident that his team will win the title during the ODI World Cup in India, thanks to the tremendous support they will receive from the spectators. India had won the title in their host country in 2011 under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Expressing his feelings, Rohit Sharma said, “I have never witnessed it from such a close perspective before.

We won in 2011, but I wasn’t part of that team. This is a beautiful trophy, and it carries many memories, the past, and history.

In reference to the last two matches of the T20 series against the West Indies being played in the United States, ICC said on behalf of Rohit, “This is very beautiful, and we hope to win it.

Confidently, Rohit said that they would receive fantastic support on the field. This is the World Cup, and everyone eagerly awaits it. It is happening in India after 12 years. The last time we hosted the ODI World Cup was in 2011.

We played the 20-over World Cup in 2016, but it’s been 12 years since the ODI World Cup is taking place in our country. People are quite excited, and the hype has already started.

Rohit spoke about his memories of the World Cup, saying, “In 2003, India played well, reaching the final. Sachin Tendulkar scored so many runs. Then in the 2007 World Cup, we got knocked out in the early stage. The 2011 World Cup was a memorable one for all of us. I watched every match, every ball at home. There were mixed emotions. One was the sadness of not being in the team, and I had decided not to watch. The other was the joy of India’s splendid performance

Rohit scored five centuries in the 2019 World Cup. Having played in the 2015 and 2019 World Cups, he shared his experience. It was a fantastic experience. We reached the semi-finals but couldn’t play in the final. Now, the World Cup is back in India, and we will consistently perform well throughout the tournament.

He added, “Every day in the World Cup is a new challenge, and we need to start fresh. It’s not like Test cricket where if you have a good day, it will continue the next day as well.

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