World Photography Day 2023: History

World Photography Day 2023: Date The untold story of the discovery of the world’s first photograph, read here.

World Photography Day 2023
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World Photography Day 2023 : Learn when and how the first photo was taken, see the history of photography here…

World Photography Day 2023: Celebrated every year on August 19th, World Photography Day aims to help people understand the significant role of photography and raise awareness through its means. Photography is an art that combines visual aesthetics and technical knowledge. Through photography, we can capture our visual world with intrigue and convey stories through our images.

World Photography Day day also provides an opportunity to honor photographers and promote their skills. Photography has generated awareness in society and has aided in bringing together various cultures and lifestyles from around the world. Through this day, we comprehend the vital role of photography and promote it, as it is through images that we continue to explore the pages of history in the present.

When was the first photograph taken?

The credit for the first photograph is attributed to the pioneer of photography, Nicéphore Niépce. In 1826, he used a camera obscura in the city of Chalon-sur-Saône, France, to capture the first image onto a light-sensitive plate.

This image is known as the “Daguerreotype,” and it is considered the early form of photography. Utilizing the Daguerreotype technique, he was able to create a permanent image of a captured object through a camera. As a result, this laid the foundation for the development of photographic techniques and tools in the future.

Learn about the first photographs that were captured:

  • 1839’s Daguerreotype: In 1839, French photographer Louis Daguerre introduced the first practical Daguerreotype camera, which was used to create images.
  • Otto Wagner’s First News Photo (1848): In 1848, German photographer Otto Wagner gave a kickstart to news photography by capturing the first news photo. It depicted a group of people singing a song while on a swing.
  • Photographs by Mathew Brady (19th Century): Mathew Brady, a significant news photographer of the 19th century, clicked various iconic news moments, including images taken during the Civil War.
  • First Photo by The Times of India (1850): In 1850, “The Times of India” published its first photograph, showcasing a prominent intersection in Bombay (Mumbai) at the time.

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